November Surprise

THE DARING AND  deadly midday abduction of a former President of the United States triggers a national and international crisis. But he’s only one of the president’s involved in the story told in NOVEMBER SURPRISE. It’s really the story of three presidents—the one taken, the one in the White House, and the one who was elected just a few days earlier. Not only the first female to be elected to the nation’s highest office, she is the only daughter of the former president who has been kidnapped is feared to be dead. And though she has not yet taken the oath of office, it is clear that she is the key player in dramatic story that unfolds.

novemberHer confidence in the outgoing administration is less than strong, and she turns to one of her best friends for help. TEMPLETON DAVIS (“Camelot’s Cousin”), nationally known radio talk-show host, media personality, and best-selling author, is recruited by the President-elect to help with the investigation. Davis, whose recent work helped to solve the mysteries surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy decades earlier, has brought together a talented team of security and intelligence experts. Called The Project, this off-the-record and under-the-radar band of operatives turn out to be much more effective than “official” counterparts. But will they be able to solve the crime of the century?




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