About David

[Visit David’s Official AUTHOR PAGE:  www.davidrstokes.com]

DAVID R. STOKES  is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author.


He has hosted his own national satellite radio talk show and has guest-hosted talk shows around the country. David has also produced and hosted podcasts for The Cold War Museum and Richard Nixon Foundation.

Recently retired from pastoral ministry, he served churches in Texas, Ohio, Illinois, New York, and Virginia for more than 41 years.

David has been married to Karen for more than 42 years and they have three daughters and seven grandchildren. They live in beautiful Northern Virginia.

His OFFICIAL Author site is: www.davidrstokes.com

On twitter he is @DavidRStokes. You can connect with him, as well, on Facebook.

Check out David’s AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE.

To contact David use the form below. If you’d like autographed/inscribed copies of any of his books, please specify the title, number of copies, and inscription instructions. You’ll receive a reply with price and shipping information.

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  1. Just read your article in the Trib.
    Thank you, very thought-provoking and interesting.
    Also, enjoyed your book, “The Shooting Salvationist.”
    That was the first book I ever downloaded on my iPad.
    Thank you so much for all.


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