My Conversation with Brian Lamb about JFK’S GHOST on CSpan Booknotes

I’ve been a fan of all things books on CSpan for decades. I did a talk for them back in 2011 about The Shooting Salvationist. So, it was wonderful to be invited to be a guest on Booknotes for this conversation with Brian Lamb, the founder of all things CSpan.

Here’s a link to the interview. It’s just over 38 minutes in length.

2 thoughts on “My Conversation with Brian Lamb about JFK’S GHOST on CSpan Booknotes

  1. Hi, David –

    It has been years since we met at your church on West Ox Road, which I notice has not been there for years.

    Are you still pastoring or have you moved on to full-time writing? I loved reading your books. You’re another David Baldacci – great stories and character development.

    Take care. Be well. Stay safe.

    In Christ,

    Fred W. Apelquist, III

    (703) 459-6622


  2. Hi Fred: I retired in 2019 — my last hurrah at the church was to guide them through a building program and relocation to Braddock Rd — I had pastored there for 20+ years, 40 years in total. I write semi-fulltime now — ghostwriting and my own projects — see my bio at this site. My wife and I live in Haymarket now. Merry Christmas, my friend. Thank you for the kind comments. — DRS


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